Thursday, January 8, 2009

No. 2

Beer: Victory Prima Pils
Date: January 8th, 2009
Place: Southie, Boston, Massachusetts

I'm panicked.

Like the time when I decided that I was going to be a vegetarian. What do you tell the Grandparent's at Thanksgiving when they offer ham and you are in Alabama where there are no liberals and even fewer vegetarians and the whole reason for pigs is ham and if you ain't having ham then what the dammit do you 'spect you're having?

It's like that. Tonight we are heading to a friend of a friend's house in South Boston to watch the FedEx Championship game betwixt the Gators of Florida and the Sooners of Oklahoma. I could seem, in about 56 minutes, like the most pretentious person south of Tremont street, as I walk in not with a six pack of cheaps but a one of Prima. And, much like being a vegetarian – no one else really cares about the reason that they don't eat this and do eat that and the ins and outs of the industrial farm complex – you can either choose to a) explain why you are weird or b) just sit quietly and naw on your leaf. Or in my case, hops.

I'm sure no one is going to give a second thought to it, but if some guy I didn't know showed up to my house with one beer and was rooting for the opposing team, well, I reckon he'd be on his way out the front door around the corner on to a bus stop or a trolly stop or the drive way (if he lived below the Mason-Dixon).

This is precisely where this resolution has gotten me at this point. Sitting in the beer store, looking for the singles (which are all either 40s or pints) that can go along with a theme (which I got with the name) or a season (which I missed [voted one of 10 best summer beers]) or a storyline or a flavor and realizing that this is way better than mindlessly grabbing a six of this or that. Even if it might destroy me.

Don't count it as No. 2 yet. Give me till about 9:30 EST, and then chalk it up. Win or loss, the name says it all.

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