Monday, January 12, 2009

No. 3 & 4

Beer: Sam Adams Winter Lager
Date: January 10th, 2009
Place: Panthers Party, South End, Boston, Massachusetts

I'm four for four on beers at football games. Which I think is going to shape up interestingly in August, when the preseason top #10 Rebels take the field.

But this isn't about that, this is about this. My friend Dan and his inexplicable love for the Carolina Panthers.

Dan grew up in Chicago. Home of the Bears. And Pizza. And Blagojevich. Some time around '95, Dan's dad brought him home a shirt for a soon to be established team in the Carolinas called the Panthers. Whether is was the teal or the cat or the combo or the dismal performance of the Bears every year, Dan jumped on the bandwagon - which is still quite roomy - and became a Panthers fan.

Not one of those fair weather guys, either. One of those Every bit of sport paraphernalia in the house that has a sp0rt team is the Panthers. Throw pillows? Meow. Credit card? Meow. I have even heard he and his wife discussing a Panthers cruise in the Caribbean.

I decided that beer No. 3 would be well spent watching the outmatched Cardinals get owned by Delhomme + Co. with Dan and his wife and another 10 friends.

Three picks later, I thought it might be well to empathize with Dan and have No. 4. The final score (33-13, Cardinals) didn't even reflect how poorly the Panthers played. Which was hard to watch, there in the presence of Dan.

I think if the Panthers knew they had fans out there like Dan, with no ties to the state or the franchise, who just love pro ball and want to pick a team and stick with them throughout life through good or bad or sickness or injury or trades or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties or parades or playoffs or expansion team colors they would have played harder.

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