Saturday, January 17, 2009

No. 5

Beer: Guinness
Date: January 16th, 2009

Place: Warren Tavern, Charlestown, Massachusetts

It's June 16th, 1775.

Charlestown, right across the Charles River from Boston, is really starting to come into it's own. It was at one point the head of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It's still one hundred years before it becomes annexed by the city of Boston. Everything is fine. Until the Brits show up and raze the city. The Battle of Bunker Hill is on the 17th. Everything is burned. Shot. Killed. Whites of eyes and pops of muskets and bye bye homestead.

According to historians, the Warren Tavern was probably the first building back after that battle. It was established by Captain Eliphelet Newell (presumably of the same Newell family who founded Charlestown in 1628) and named after a Dr. Joseph Warren - a hero who was felled at the Battle five years before.

The Tavern was the favorite watering hole of Paul Revere. George Washington drained a few pints in his day as well.

Not to anyone's surprise really, there isn't a British beer on tap.

Which is why, in a dark room dating back to 1780, I had a Guinness with my wife and her sister, who'd just gotten into town from New York City.

Quite a fitting day to have it, turns out. My fifth beer of 2009 came on the fifth month of being married to my wonderful wife.

Note: The picture below was not last night. Where there was way more snow on the ground and a temperature of 7.

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