Thursday, January 22, 2009

No. 8

Beer: No.8, Peak Organic Maple Oat Ale
Date: January 21st, 2009

Place: Sunset Tap and Grill, Allston, Massachusetts

She borrowed them and used them in Colorado and punctured oh about 67 holes in them and then gave them back and then three years later when I moved to New England I decided I should get them repaired and took them to Patagonia and that’s how I met Rob.

He has a couple of cool tattoos on his wrists. One is maybe Aramaic. One is clearly in English: a cross written in black letter with the verse ‘That they may have life and have it abundantly.” We started talking about churches and I found out he moved to Boston to plant a church and was an electrical engineer from Tennessee and was working there to pay the bills. I didn’t want to go to his church, but I did want to hang out. So we did.

We went one weekend last year with Rob and his house church to extreme northern Maine to camp and hike and cook over a campfire. There was a moose involved. Allegedly. It wasn’t at my campsite. I just operate based on the knowledge that I heard screams.

That’s how we really got to know him. He’s got a big heart and he really tries to know his neighbors and better his community and I think he and his wife’s plan is to move to Africa and serve those who are less fortunate. Now I have beers with him once a month or so. Just to catch up.

Rob got married a week after we did. Also back in the South. So we will think of each other, I reckon, each time our anniversaries roll around. Until we are too old to think or celebrate and then we can look forward to getting our eternal reward and seeing each other once a month or so in Heaven. Just to catch up.

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