Monday, February 16, 2009

No. 14

Beer: Coors
Date: February 15th, 2009
Place: Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts

Four years ago, when I'd flown into North Carolina for my first job interview, I had lunch with the folks who were interviewing me. It was in the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, and McKinney was the job in question. We went downstaris to Symposium, and had a beer with lunch. How great must a place be if you get to have beers at lunch? Pretty great, it turned out.

A great place to start out. A great place to burn out. A great place to meet a wife. All of those great things.

One of the guys who was with me that day was Matt. Who had been at McKinney for a bit. Months ago, Matt moved up here to take a job. A job which is out in the country (or ocean, rather) for now, but is moving into the city later. While we could, we took the trip up that way. Wishing it was cooler, but taking a beachfront stay any way we can.

I thought it fitting to share a beer four years later with the guy (and his wife) who got me a job and by transitive property, a wife.

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