Friday, February 27, 2009

No. 15

Beer: Hobgoblin
Date: February 22nd, 2009
Place: Carolina Beach, North Carolina

The thought of doing anything for any serious amount of time is daunting. Mainly because time seems so fluid. It moves whether you do or not. I think a lot of us just get tired of holding on to whatever is affected by time and we just move on to something else that time begins to toll on. Case in point: I've not kept a job longer than two years. Because the thought of staying the same, of not progressing, makes me claustrophobic.

Fortunately, time doesn't seem to matter to Marianna's grandparents, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in North Carolina on the sixtieth year and second day of their wedding.

What's exciting in this whole time thought, is that the exponentiality of time makes it such that we are winners. Observe: as of last week, Marianna's GM+GP were married one hundred and twenty time longer than we have been. In six months, that time becomes only ~sixty times. I think we've got the cat by the tail.

I extended my ticket and extra day to see my friends Hal and Jen down the coast on Carolina Beach.

I first met Hal on the phone. I was riding my bike on a trail in Atlanta, and I happened to get a call when I stopped to rest. Hal was calling because I'd put in my resume at Patagonia. Hal wanted to set up an interview.

And he called on the one day in which I happened to be doing something related to the job that I would start in a month.

I started the week that Hal and Jen were on their honeymoon. Which was almost five years ago now. Which is twelve times less than GM and GP. Which is also exponential.

I got into a Bible study with Hal and worked with him (or for him, as the manager/employee relationship is perceived) and rocked out to music and shared meals and went to church and became close, fast friends and fell in love with his dogs and felt like they were family.

Hal and Jen were right there with me on my last night in Atlanta. After I'd packed up the UHaul and got ready for my move to North Carolina. When I was excited and scared and broke and missing them already and thinking that time was such a cruel thing - that we'd known each other a year but that we didn't wring more out of our times together. And that time was such an amazing ally. That in a year, I became lucky enough to become fast friends with such a solid couple.

So I had Number 15 on the coast of my wife's home state. In honor of time.

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