Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No. 20

Beer: Wachusett Quinn's Ale
Date: March 15th, 2009

Place: The Coppertop Lounge, Wachusett Mountain, Princeton, MA

“I wish the economy would stop eating my friends.”

That was a status update from a friend who sat next to Robertson and across the hallway from Kuhl.

I think statistically I’m starting to feel it. One in ten friends of mine are out of work. Probably less. But it’s getting up there. I know it would be far worse if I were in the manufacturing sector or if I worked in a mine or if I were a gypsy. But I’m none of those things, and the eating of friends is starting to leave me feeling lonely and sad for them and hopeful that at some point soon we’ll hit the upswing.

Sunday night we headed an hour west to board with our friend Dave Kuhl. Our laid off friend Kuhl. Our eternally optimistic keeps getting up when he eats it that was just what I needed I really needed to get something to kick start me there are some good things in the pipeline I’m going to be fine Kuhl. I’m humbled by my friends who are rolling with the punches, masking any fear they might have – or simply trusting that there isn’t anything that worry or fear or lost sleep will make any better.

After a dismal loss in the ’07 Boston Kickball Finals, after a lost key forced him to ride in a tow truck with me from Vermont, after losing to UNC as an Illinois alumni, Kuhl is used to rolling with it. He’s just the kind of person that you love to have a beer with.

While the economy is eating my friends, I’m drinking them.

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