Saturday, April 11, 2009

No. 26

Beer: Anchor Steam
Date: April 4th, 2009

Place: The Goode's House, The Mission, San Francisco, CA

It started with an air mattress.

Well, I guess the follow up was an air mattress. It really started with porch painting.

The ad agency I'd started at had taken on a Habitat House as a project and I'd signed up to paint with an art buyer and a retoucher and an interactive producer or admin or whatever any of those account side jobs are.

We showed up early on a Saturday morning and made the best of it. I think whenever you are doing something for someone else the best of it is made because your heart knows that it is best even if your eyes are closing and telling you to sleep it off. Seems like those opportunities to help someone out are earlier than later. Character building, it's called.

That had broken the ice and a few weeks later we decide we're all pals now, let's go to the beach which also started early and built character or at least two marriages we'd come to find out.

We are at this friend of a friend's house and he has a guest bed and an air mattress and we have to draw straws to figure out what will happen and I reckon, in hindsight, that's what made Ian and Lori our choicest couple to play games with.

I guess we all won, because Marianna and I got the real bed and Ian and Lori ended up as a burrito in the air mattress because those things lose air overnight and you sink the the middle by then and I wasn't sure about being in a bed with Marianna but by now I've dealt with my demons about that decision.

Within a year Ian and Lori were married.

We'd play dominoes with them. We'd play board games, card games. I don't think we ever played card games. As we've grown closer over the years we've elevated our gaming and it's gotten tougher to see them and spend time and play games but they are our sister couple and I figure no distance is great enough to keep us all apart for very long.

Much like sleeping on an air mattress.

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