Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No. 27

Beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale
Date: April 13th, 2009

Place: The House, Somerville, MA

It had just been in the fridge, staring at me for three weeks.

I'd bought the Arrogant in Freeport, ME as I was waiting for a meeting at L.L. Bean and I was down the street and had a few minutes to kill and I successfully killed it by buying beer at a wine store. I browsed around and pretended that I was looking at wine labels and where they came from and chatted up a vendor a second before I b-lined to the beer section and grabbed a bottle and then, as a penance, ended up talking with the propreitor for at least nine minutes as he kept my beer from me and talked about the difference of distribution of wines WINES! in New England in general and in Maine vs. the Commonwealth, in particular.

I'd just come back from a full day of meetings again -weeks later - at Bean and it was just the right time to crack open a beer and sit in front of the telly and hang out with my wife and play a game of Rummikub. Or play two games. Both of which I lost. My wife is better than me in a lot of ways one of which is staying focused and beating the snot out of me as I try to form sets of three or fours or runs as I'm drinking a strong ale. Other ways in which she is better than me: self control, naps, eating french toast.

It's been a struggle over the last few months trying to determine when is it the right time to have a beer, are the times I don't have one any less special, the times I do any more special, the thought that I put into it making me any more considerate, can a Monday night just like any other Monday like any other day be a beer day?

The only answer I know for sure is yes. It was a beer day.

The irony was not lost as I sipped my Arrogant Bastard whilst an interview of George W. came on in the background.

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