Thursday, April 16, 2009

No. 28

Beer: Sol
Date: April 14th, 2009

Place: La Verdad, Fenway, Boston, MA

Without looking back at the calendar, I’m going to say this is the first Tuesday beer of the year.

Tuesdays don’t really have a good beer reason built in – sports, must see tv, sports, the weekend, going out for the weekend, lest we not forget sports – but they have certainly become my least likely night to have a beer because that is the night we go to our community group which the neu church now calls a Bible study.

Clearly (or clearly you’ll see in a minute) I don’t have a problem mixing church and beer. Jesus was one to make water into wine, lepers stop falling apart and sinners into salvation. And as I follow Jesus and his teaching and find there is a lot of baggage in the word Christian but I will still sport the title if bestowed on me and if I’m just talking myself I’m a follower of Christ I realize that going to heaven is so much simpler than whether I choose to have a drink or not. It really is. It’s about faith and faith is easy. You just choose to believe. You set aside what you think you think and decide to think something else. But then it quickly becomes way complex with actions and decisions and bringing heaven to earth. This is not the blog about that.

At any rate, we’ve been blessed to have found an amazing community of Believers of the Way in our church, Reunion, and in our Tuesday night community group. I really couldn’t ask for more in our church other than to have a few more blue haired ladies in the crowd but good luck finding any of those in Boston. Everyone here is a beautiful and young and single and post church.

As we’ve grown to know these sometime six and sometimes twelve and usually split down the middle people, we’ve gotten to know more about our community. Our church. Gotten to see people come together in marriage. And fall apart in despair. And search for hope and meaning and a way to figure out what this life is all about.

And I’ve found that there are a lot of reasons to drink beer on Tuesday nights. Which all pop up when you have a Tuesday commitment. Like the limited edition cask the brewery near my work releases every Tuesday night. Or the Heels games that all came on during the early spring. Or dollar taco nights at La Verdad.

We’d gone to our group on Friday night for Good Friday and then Tuesday seemed so close and that we needed a break. So our community group went to eat those dollar tacos, those forbidden for the past year by nature of their chosen night tacos, those taste better with a beer tacos, those too sweet to eat just three or four tacos.

Forty eight tacos and several beer and mixed drinks later, our community disbanded and walked into night. To reunite a week later. Or if something unthinkable were to happen, to reunite in heaven.

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