Saturday, April 25, 2009

No. 30

Beer: Harpoon Brown
Date: April 24th, 2009

Place: Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA

I can't figure out why more theaters don't sell beer.

Potential gripes from the management:
1) It will get spilled.
False. No one wastes beer. Not like soda.
2) It will encourage roudy behavior.
True. Probably something like laughing at a funny part. Or crying during a sad part. Or falling asleep during a boring indie film. So... false.
3) People will smell like alcohol.
Push. However, I do smell plenty of liquored up folks coming into theaters, already, because they can't buy booze there.

At least one place has their head on the shoulders which allows me to keep mine on, er, mine - so I spent Friday night with Zack at the Somerville theater watching a movie on Johnny Cash. Cash is one of those people (like Pachino) or bands (Led Zeppelin, The Who) or movies (Fellini, The GodFather) or ideas (Libertarian) or cities (Chicago, Los Angeles) or sports (hocky) or colors (purple) or companies (Bank of America) that heaps of people like but I can't just get behind it. And each time it is the same response I can't believe you don't like ... and I'm all Sorry, I don't and then they try and tell me how awesome it is or was or continues to be and I keep nodding my head and thinking about how it doesn't matter and they are going to try and talk me into it, still, still, even though I'm not going to go and give that person/band/movie/idea/city/sport/color/company another look/listen/watch/thought/move/play/shirt/business.

For the record, Cash is so much more badass than Bank of America. I had my thirtieth beer to show that I truly belive that.

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