Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No. 34

Beer: Stone IPA
Date: May 4th, 2009

Place: Common Ground, Allston, MA

I had a beer the other night with Isaiah out by his apartment in Allston. He'd asked me to go have a beer after Lent, because he gave up beer and meat and I'm sure had a miserable month and a half except maybe he thought more about the suffering of Christ so I bet the month and a half was long but quite introspective. We went to Common Ground which has a) amazing selections of beer on tap b) trivia, apparently, on Monday nights c) huge televisions.

I bought Isaiah’s beer. He’d just been laid off. His company, a big one that you can find in most of the cities in the United States, is cutting x% of stores because we are up the creek and our paddle was actually tossed overboard in the early 00s and we’ve all started to realize that so few of us make goods but rather are in services and oops.

Isaiah didn’t ask me to cover his beer. I did it because it falls into my guilt tax. I pretend that it makes up for having a job. How uncomfortable are we all nowadays? Those who are without a job who say they are free to do whatever they want and now is the time to fly and those of us with jobs saying we are thankful to have them and us all having guilt/anxiety tinged conversations while we try to see what the score is in the Capitals hockey game Hockey? as if we care but the thing that brings us relief is normalcy and triteness and dealing with the small things because the big things are scary.

Those big things don’t faze Isaiah. He moved from Chicago to plant a church in Boston. He didn’t have a job. Didn’t have any prospects. Just a tank of gas and the courage to drive East until he hit the ocean. He isn’t worried about a job now either. Just figures something will come along. Which it will.

It always does to those who don’t ask for anything.

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