Monday, May 25, 2009

No. 37

Beer: Hop Rod Rye Ale
Date: May 23rd, 2009

Place: The Other Side, Boston, MA

Good stories interest me. Good ideas excite me. And since there was a great idea and a good story, I was ready for a beer. The story? Seven ballparks in seven days, all via Amtrak.

The boys from Seven Inning Stretch were in town, on another journey of trains, dogs, beers, baseball, tours, beers, double beds, beers, beers. I was glad to host them and glad that one of them was among my former roommates.

If I had an extra minute to think about it, I'd count and then tell you for sure that I've had 22 roommates over the years. A Brit, A Korean, a guy who ran the Boston Marathon twice, a man afraid of stickers, some lady from Malaysia, a UGA grad. But since I'm not counting, I'm going to say 21. One of those was Jonas. And even though we just lived together for about nine months, we were in two different houses and had far fewer beers than I thought we would.

See, I'm fraid Jonas and I became roommates right as Jonas was trying to figure out what was next in life. Those critical junctures are ones full of uncertainty and I don't blame the man for having fewer than a dozen beers on the porch with me at our second house after we struggled though the hottest summer on record (Google it) in a gorgeous house that had a serious air conditioned problem only eclipsed by a landlady problem. I can't tell you how miserable that house was, amidst a history professor's books - a man from Duke who was on sabbatical for a few years who left this books in the house - bookcase after bookcase filled with fire and ideas and the combustion was resulting in heat heat heat.

Enough about that.

The fellas came to town and we had a beer - they had a lot more than a, but I a single, and arguably the finest beer to date, a "high performance, turbo charged, alcohol burnin' monster ale with dual overhead hop injection that revs out the hop-o-meter at over 90 IBUs" - after the Freedom Trail and before we watched the Sox lose in a last ditch ninth inning rally.

Other Side from Trimming Society on Vimeo.

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