Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No. 42

Beer: Spaten Maibock
Date: June 11th, 2009

Place: Jacob Wirth's, Boston, MA

The journeys of life all begin with a nudge.

Maybe a small step (as most say), but as a wagering man I’d say most begin with a little shove, a poke in the side, an all out abandonment of reason and a jump for your life.

Then, clinging on to the side of the opposing cliff, before pulling yourself up and realizing that you are in a new place and all you can do is walk forward, into the unknown, without the benefit of a bridge or a vine to go back, to retreat to that place you knew so well, you just have to man up and go for it.

Such is, I think, the case with Families-In-Law. Those people who at one point were just window dressing in the merchandised window of your love, who have become, for better or worse, sickness or health, a whole ‘nother family. A walking, talking, breathing group of others who you now will see at least once a year from now ‘til eternity forever and ever amen; a nuclear group who will collide with your nuclear group and fission and fusion have made you all one. One, big, one. The synapses fuse more as you holiday together, have babies whom they will coo, ask for confidence as you make big decisions – buying a house, trading a field – as you disagree, as you decide to go here for this event or not for that one, as they have expectations and you rise to some and fail some, as they want you to have a better life than they did (parents) or a worse life than they do (siblings), as you deal with cancers and sitcoms and life.

And while my journey didn’t just begin – although, more recently than most - it was nice to stop in at a pub, have a pint with the Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law and the Step-Mother-In-Law and let the fission and fusion of yeast and hops and spring water supply the soundtrack to our families’ new life.

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