Thursday, July 23, 2009

No. 51

Beer: Negra Modelo
Date: July 19th, 2009

Place: Uncle Julio's, Atlanta, GA

I've lived with a lot of people.

In no particular (yet particular) order, there is/was Daniel, Taylor, Lee, Kris, Grace, Brandon, Ben, Danny, Jake, Jared, Whit, Matt, Ryan, Mitchell, Marianna.

But none of them have been so connected as Mitchell.


I met Mitchell my sophomore year of college, despite him being a graduate of UGA and living someplace between Atlanta and Wyoming. He, for a brief spell, was seeing one of my bosses at Ole Miss. While that might have only lasted about five or seven minutes, it was four years later that I ran into him while having dinner with a few guys I worked with at Patagonia. He walked in, sat down, let me know that we had met, walked me through the above story, we remet, this time far from him dating my boss, who was married, and had some stick-t0-yer-ribs ribs, and sometime after that we became roommates - he the chillest roommate a guy could ask for, when guy is building miniature models of cities on roommate's table in the kitchen, thereby preventing roommate from eating his egg-in-a-hole, for a school assignment that lasts for 50% of the tenancy of guy and roommate.

For everyone involved, I'm glad he and my boss didn't work out. If they did a) Mitchell and I would not have been roomies b) Mitchell would not be in Atlanta, surprising his girlfriend who became his fiance on Friday night c) lists usually come in at least threes, and I didn't have a good third reason.

Mitchell drove one night from Philadelphia to stay with us. We had a big time.

While I certainly am glad I'm done with roommates, I'm glad that came after I got to live with this guy for nine months.

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