Thursday, July 23, 2009

No. 54

Beer: Sweetwater 420
Date: July 21st, 2009

Place: La Fonda, West Midtown, Atlanta, GA

Ben is single-handedly responsible for 456 lost man-hours of productivity over the past four years.

You see, Ben is a man of opinions. Opinions like This album is amazing, you’ve got to hear it or I can’t believe that thing happened in that semipopular sporting event or Your choice for President sucked for multiple reasons, among them (reason a, b, c, etc).

And the thing is, Ben is one of those guys whose opinions you want to hear. Mainly because it’s either right (music, articles, Onion videos), neutral (GT football), or wrong (all politics, climate change policy) – and in the instances of me thinking it’s wrong we get a great argument going (one in which he is well informed and I crash-and-burn on despite reading some article that said something about the subject at hand, yet I can’t pull it to my frontal lobe in time [or ever again in most instances]), when I’m neutral I just ignore his emails/IM and when it’s right we get shared pop culture references to sprinkle into conversations that now happen quite infrequently as I don’t use IM at work, which I think is much akin to the colonists not using horses or growing corn or even coming over from England – which is a lie and a violation of their entire connected & alive being.

The shame is that I didn’t spend much time with him in Atlanta until my last six months or so, and Ben's a quiet guy if he doesn’t know you, so for the year we didn’t know each other that much I thought he was probably going to have me offed by some group of Tech assassins, and then I left, and now we see each other once a year or so, and the emails are less frequent as he’s a dad and got a super great house to take care of and all I want to do is argue with him but mainly I just want to hear his opinion and hear what I need to listen to, see what I need to read, and think about what I need to learn.

Hardly another could sport a red beard, wear a seersucker suit and talk about hip-hop with 100% accuracy and 0% irony.

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