Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No. 61

Beer: Beamish Stout
Date: August 22nd, 2009

Place: Daedalus, Cambridge, MA

The market finished up 4.23 points today.

It’s finished up over 3,000 points off its March lows. But it still isn’t finished making sure that the folks I know are all done chewed up and laid off and moving out.

I had a beer on Saturday night for Julie’s going away.

She was at a place working on some neat things that will probably be less neat now that she is headed back to Arkansas before ending up in South Carolina, and she was up here in the first place before the consumer confidence tanked and working in careers like fashion and advertising made sense.

But now they don’t make sense, like banking doesn’t make sense (although we can all see it now) and lending doesn’t make sense and real estate bubbles don’t make sense and the only thing that seems to make sense now is 70% off sales that the few who saved money can afford to frequent, yet those same people who saved are the same ones who didn’t really frequent those shops in the first place, so they are probably still saving unless they are getting televisions for cheap I’m talking.

So with Julie gone, Boston is seeming to be just a little more rugged, now that our community and our friends and those others are all someplace else and the winter isn’t here yet but New England already seems cold.

But there is a little spark on the horizon.

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