Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No. 62

Beer: Yards Pale Ale
Date: August 22nd, 2009
Place: PHL, Philadelphia, PA

I don’t know if I’ve ever loved anything more that maps.

Absolutely love them. Parts of them and wholes of them. Moving, marking, finding, remembering them. The colors. The lines. Their impact they have on the world and space and time.

Don’t cross this map line or you can be thrown in prison. Don’t cross that map line or you will be free from communism. Don’t cross this color or instead of standing on land you are standing in a swamp, that line contains 9 million people, that line contains a mile. On that side of that line there is an opposite season even though it’s on the same line that’s a mirror image of this line.

See the map on the right? It’s there and I’m the only person who has clicked on it and that is fine with me because it’s my map and while I’m not Captain Cook and I didn’t ever draw a map and I never used a sextant I can fill it and fill it is what I intend to do.

So when I found myself with my bosses in the airport in Philidelphia, a city filled with love, not map love – but love nonetheless, I thought it fitting to have a beer and populate my map, blog, stomach.

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