Monday, October 19, 2009

No. 72 & 73

Beer: No 72, Sam Adams October Fest, No 73, Shipyard PumpkinHead
Date: October 15th, 2009
Place: Coogans Pub, Boston, MA

A Thursday night in October in Boston. I'd not had any seasonals yet and I didn't know that it was to snow later that night and signal a certain end to our summer and a temporary end to autumn.

It was October and I met a hearty group of gentlemen out where we proceeded to tie for 2nd place in trivia and were only one point off the leaders and had we the wherewithal to know that Sumo Wrestlers toss salt into the ring before they enter we'd have been tied for first and if we kner that Mt Fuji was the world's most summited mountain we'd be sitting in first place.

Instead, our Japanese culture was not polished up and we played the roverbial second fiddle, a team of nine of us, which was split in two due to rules but acted like one giant team, a thinktank with three architects, a Microsoft computer programmer, three graphic desgigners, a medical resident and a grocery store manager, who evidently know a good amount across a breadth of subjects, in a town of great thinkers, present and past.

The regret I have is not in being unable to answer a question or two, but in trying the Shipyard OctoberFest beer in which was given an F rating, an avoid at all costs, and it was my second beer of the night, my second-place celebration ale, the close of our gloomy summer and a welcome to another gloriuos New England fall.

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