Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No. 77

Beer: Three Philosophers
Date: October 25th, 2009
Place: The shores of Wangunbaug Lake, Coventry, CT

We have six months of cold in New England and six months of less cold and as we head towards either end of that spectrum there are two other seasons that makes themselves known and both expose explosions of color – reds and whites in the spring, oranges and yellows in autumn – that show we are not yet where we are going but that’s exactly where we’re headed, and we’re all going that way together and it’s going to be.

So we embraced that truth, or half-truth, loaded up the wagon and drove to Connecticut to see John and Stephanie and their newest addition, Arabelle, who came much as the seasons – to fanfare, anxiety, and the promise that tomorrow is better than today even if today was perfect. We wanted to make the trip before the oranges were brown, the ground was white. And as New England is compact, we were in the countryside of central CT in an hour and a half.

We toasted the seasons, life, as the sun dropped behind us and the trees were ablaze on the opposing shore.

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