Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No. 80

Beer: Asahi
Date: November 6th, 2009
Place: Chiu's Sushi, Baltimore, MD

Things in life I inherited, but don't remember when:

The Whitson nose.

A thick Southern accent, which has since been kept at bay - until whiskey is introduced.

Things in life I inherited, and do remember when:

1,200 dollars when my great grandmother passed away.

A desk that my grandfather allegedly pulled from an old flaming barn. Later I find out it wasn't a barn, wasn't flaming, and might not have been my grandfather who saved it not from the flames not of the barn.

A stepmother.

Things in life I inherited, due to marriage:

Two new sets of grandparents, two new parents, two new step parents, a sister, brother, small dog.

A pillow top mattress.

Social graces.

Marianna's friends.

Concerning the last item of the list, we spent the weekend in Baltimore with one of Marianna's longest friends, from Raleigh, and her husband, a pilot, whom I'd just met, soaking up the Indian summer still in the 70s having inexpensive relative to Boston meals in a blue-collar town who'd've known? where there are happy hour deals unknown to us in the Commonwealth thanks Puritans! and watching the hometown football team, who Kerry and Jason had inherited with their most recent move and taming of a row house, crumble into a mess of mediocrity.

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