Saturday, November 14, 2009

No. 81 & 82

Beer: No. 81, Heavy Seas Big DIPA, No. 82, Natty Boh
Date: November 7th, 2009
Place: The Baltimore Taphouse, Baltimore, MD

Ten years ago, I met two different people.

One I remember meeting reletively well. The other I'm not completely sure of. I introduced myself to one; the other my roommate introduced me to. Neither of the two knew each other, then, a decade ago. Now, they are married. Living in Baltimore. Sharing beers with old friends.

Lee and I met on a Tuesday night the first week of college. We both made it into the Chancellor's leadership Class - an exclusive enclave of incoming freshmen who showed an aptitude for leadership. Or just showed they were able to write an essay well. In hind site, I realize (in both mine and Lee's case) a leader is one who takes out a lot of loans for school, works more than plays, and moves on up the East Coast.

I recognized him again in the hall of our dorm. Or at least that's what my memory tells me. We might not have even lived in the same building. Ten years will cloud a lot of specific memories. At any rate, I somehow learned that he and his roommate played spades. My roommate and I played spades. For some time, Daniel and I went to their dorm, holed up, and prayed for the ace or the two of clubs.

I knew within a week that Lee was going to go places. After Ole Miss he went to Tulane for med school, and is now a resident at Johns Hopkins. Full discloser: one day, when Lee is quoted in every major medical journal and revered more than the rest of his peers, I'm going to name drop.

My memory of meeting Mary Chaney is a little less clear. I know that she and Daniel met someplace - maybe a sorority house, maybe the student union - maybe through mutual friends, maybe by happenstance. But she came into our dorm room, and thus into my life.

I never fully understood her and Daniel's relationship, as to whether is was romantic or friendly, casual or formal, but she is, to this day, my favorite person who he spent lots of time with and never married. She has a huge heart and a cuter than a cute giggle. I miss hearing it multiple times a week.

I don't know when she and Lee met. I just remember one day they were a couple and after a brief courtship, they were married.

In the four years since, we've seen them in New Orleans and visited them in Baltimore. I think they, like us, will move a few more times and then settle someplace.

I consider it my privilege to know friends like these who will take time away from their upward and onward trajectory to have a brew or two with an old friend, in a new town, far away from Dixie.

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  1. Wanted to say Thank you for all the sweet words you said of Lee and me. And to let you know we had a great time seeing you both and hope to see more of you in the future. Good luck on your beer quest!