Saturday, November 14, 2009

No. 83

Beer: Squall IPA
Date: November 10th, 2009
Place: Our kitchen, Somerville, MA

My life, this day, by the numbers, on the last birthday of my twenties.

29. Years, to the date, I've been alive.
28. Best year of my life. (Each one keeps getting better.)
27. Age when I was wed.
26. Age I finally made it above the Mason Dixon line.
25. Oz. of Squall IPA.
24. When I lost my best friend.
23. Age I moved to Atlanta.
22. Number of roommates I've had in my adult life.
21. Amendment that allows this blog to flourish.
20. When I finally understood God. Or at least realized I wasn't him.
19. Toughest / loneliest year of my life.
18. Age I had my first beer.
17. Age when I shook the President's hand, in the Oval Office.
16. Brews I need to finish within a month and a half.
15. Number of years I've got until I hit my midlife crisis. If, indeed, I hit one.
14. When I got my first job.
13. Years driving without a speeding ticket. (Just jinxed myself.)
12. Number of places I've paid rent.
11. Years I've been living on my own.
10. Age when my parents divorced.
9. Phish concerts I've seen.
8. Countries I've visited. (Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, England, Italy, St. Lucia, New Zealand)
7. Games I've won so far in Fantasy Football in 09.
6. Pack. Which I've not bought in at least 314 days.
5. States in which I've held a drivers license. (Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Massachusetts)
4. Siblings.
3. Of us, at the house, having a birthday dinner.
2. Years I've been in Boston. +.5 margin of error.
1. Times I'm going to attempt sticking to 99 beers.

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