Sunday, November 29, 2009

No. 88 & 89

Beer: No. 88, Sam Adams Boston Lager, No. 89, Sam Adams Boston Lager
Date: November 22nd, 2009
Place: The Whitts, Athens, AL

My family no longer lives in the town I was raised.

But, as bad as I feel, my hometown was never about family to me.

It was about friends. To whom’s houses I’d escape to not feel poor. Or ill kempt. Or irrelevant.

I feel like I was raised more by my friends and their parents; which to a large part I was, as I was always with them if I was not at work. I think my family would have liked to’ve spent more time together, but I was running.

When I get to Athens, I call friends. Find a house and some beer. Burn hours with the guys who are now bigger, now with less hair, now with more tax credits, now with less time to spend together, and now, just as then, still responsible for my upbringing.

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