Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No. 91

Beer: BBC Steel Rail Pale Ale
Date: November 29th, 2009
Place: 21st Amendment, Boston, MA

I remember the day Michael moved to Athens.

Possibly not the day, but the occasion. I was in elementary school, and we got a couple of new kids in school. Ben and his brother Michael. Michael was (still is) older and Ben was my grade and they had moved from Nashville and were quite tan (mother is Ecuadorian) and Ben wore nothing except Nike apparel and for whatever reason I can remember that Ben had some really neat soft foam pencil grips on every one of his NFL branded pencils.

The only thing I really knew about Michael is that he had a Digable Planets cassette tap that had scantily clad ladies on the cover and to a young boy that made Michael a bit intimidating and a lot grown up. I'd seen it at his house once when I was visiting Ben and trying to convince him to give me one of his soft foam pencil grips. Which he did.

It's funny to think of growing up. And how there are age strata that one dare not cross. A few were able to pull it off. And those individuals mainly had questionable character. As such, I never really had many interactions with Michael.

A year or so ago, I realized that Michael was a damn fine photographer now living out in Seattle. I sent him an email. Hooked him up with a friend of mine who moved to Seattle. Read his blog. Looked at his work. Became awed.

Michael was in Boston for sixteen hours last week for an editorial photo shoot. Which is how we came to be sitting in a bar, next to the State House, drinking a pint and talking not about our shared past but what our present and futures look like.

Mike escaped from our small town and is doing quite big things. His future looks, to me, to be about as well lit as his work that he is becoming so well-known for.

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  1. Hey Micah. Thx for the story of my brother, that's so hilarious and you paint a perfect mental picture of it all.

    It was good getting together and look forward to doing it again sometime soon.

    All best,