Friday, January 1, 2010


I just realized an epilogue occurs when you wrote a bad ending. Or no ending. Or you just forgot to really end.

I think a moral comes in an epilogue.

I'm drinking my third beer of the evening. My chains have been loosed. I'm free. I can drink as many beers as I want and never have to report them again and they taste a little less important now.

In 09, I drank beers in fifteen different states with one hundred nineteen different folks. There's no telling how many more beers I wish I'd have had with others who I didn't make it to see. But that's life.

I learned this past year to be patient. To follow though. To think.

But, I don't think I ended up saving any natural resources. For ever beer I passed over I made up with some distilled spirit mixed with something or wine shipped from France. I might not have, in retrospect, saved anything except for my kidneys. And then not even. I lost no weight. I still can't travel through time.

What then, do I take away? Anything? Nothing?

That time is short. Plans are fickle. Friends are better than beer or money or houses or jobs or anything except for family and wives. To have family around, whether I avoid them or not, makes me better off than not. To have Marianna by my side makes me the luckiest one.

Thank you to those who shared a beer with me this year.

And cheers to those who will in 2010.